Greece Meets Costa Rica at the Toronto Hunt

I’m a strong believer that things happen for a reason.  Ann and I were getting ready to book our flights to China to deliver a TEDx talk together when Elaine and Ronald called to book us for their wedding at the last minute.  Not only did their upcoming wedding sound gorgeous, but instantly I felt a connection to them and knew that I was meant to photograph their wedding.  I’m so glad things worked out the way they did, because it has become so clear to me that Ann was always meant to deliver that TEDx talk on her own.  It was HER talk and I am so thankful for this beautiful catalyst that forced us to make it her own as well as introduced us to two amazing new friends.  I’m so proud of Ann for what she did, and I’m also pretty proud of what myself and my second shooter and friend Jared Dykler were able to capture and create at their breathtaking wedding at the Toronto Hunt.  

From laughter to tears this Greek and Costa Rican wedding was so moment rich that I had to earmark 818 photos as potential teasers.  It was incredibly hard to narrow it down to these, but here they are.

Elaine and Ronald, you two are phenomenal human beings in every regard.  I feel a warmth in my heart every time I think of you.  Thank you so much for choosing us to capture your day.

Congratulations, hugs and high-fives,

Matt and Ann
Green Tea Photography