Sparkling Treasures of China

Hey there!  It’s me, Ann, the silenter half of Green Tea Photography.  Experienced wedding photographer, first time photography blogger.  

When I went back to my hometown Changsha, China this July, in addition to doing the TEDx talk, my other biggest wish was to photograph a couples session for my dear friend 莹 and her boyfriend 琛.  莹, pronounced Ying, and meaning sparkling, is an incredible overachieving young girl with a vast interest in everything and anything, she has been one of the most vocal supporters of our photography, and consequently was the one who recommended us to the TEDx committee.  琛, pronounced Chen, and meaning treasure, is one of the most considerate gentleman I have ever met.  During our first meeting, I mentioned that I’m a big tea drinker, he then insisted on bringing me two kinds of unique Chinese teas.  In our next meeting, I mentioned that I enjoyed the red rice served at the vegetarian restaurant he took us to, he then purchased two packs of rice with the waitress right away and gifted them to me afterwards.  Together, these two sparking treasures were utterly smitten with each other and radiated in front of my camera in the most natural ways.  For location, I chose a more modern looking China.  We took in the breath-taking city line view next to the iconic Xiang River, and hung around the jaw-dropping Changsha library with its crisp , clean lines engraved with ancient Chinese characters.  Although we had to endure the sweat-pouring humid summer that Changsha is known for, we were also blessed with one of the most FIERY sunsets the city has ever seen.  

All in all, my wish could not have been fulfilled more perfectly.