You Are My Sunshine

Oooooooooohhhhh MAN!!!  Did it ever rain for the first half of this day!!!!  We showed up to photograph this wedding at the Chateau Vaudreuil with the storm clouds rolling in and no sooner did we pop in to say hi to the lovely MJ and Brent did the downpour ensue.  This wasn't your regular, run of the mill downpour, but I mean a Niagara Falls during a spring melt being hit by a monsoon kind of downpour.  It was insane!  But as dedicated photographers who absolutely love what we do, we were more than ready to take it on!  

T-minus 45 minutes to the planned outdoor ceremony and the rain started to slow down.  T-minus 30 minutes and...  hey...?  Has the rain stopped?  Do you think it will start again?  T-minus 15 minutes and lo and behold the sun decided to make an appearance!  We couldn't believe our eyes as the crazy storm, hail and all, melted away to golden rays of sunlight.  You know what they say!  Rain is good luck on your wedding day!  It seems like MJ and Brent should load up on some lottery tickets!  ;-) 

Here's a few teasers from their wedding day.  =)

Special thanks to our good friend and super talented photographer Julien Bissonnette for helping me (Matt) photograph this very special day as well as running out in the typhoon to close the lovely and talented make-up artist Klava Zykova's car window. 

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