Elsa Cape and Spiky Shoes

We're used to hearing all about how great our couples are, and through our experiences, we're happy to say that we believe each and every one of them.  But on this day, both on and off the mic, and every chance anyone could get, Vero and Firas had these testimonies coming left, right and centre.  Each and every person we came across gave a testament about how kind, positive and uplifting these two are and how they have deeply touched their lives in beautiful and appreciated ways.  We cannot help but to join their chorus.

We could not be happier for Vero and Firas and the absolutely gorgeous wedding they had downtown Ottawa and the breathtaking SHAW centre.  From belly dancers, a confetti canon, and a hardcore violinist, to spiky shoes, swords and an inverted hanging cake, these two had so many elements that made their wedding day truly their own.

We are so happy to have been part of your day Vero and Firas.  Here are some of your teasers to tie you over for the next little while.  =)

Cheers, hugs and high-fives,

Matt and Ann
Green Tea Photography

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