Mud Mountaineering in Heels!

We genuinely love all kinds of weddings, from the ultra glamorous to the vintage rustic, but we have to admit that one of our favourite kinds are just small, intimate events that are shared with the closest of family and friends.  That's what we did for our own wedding and if we could do it again we'd do the same all over.

Meet Sophie and Allan.  They got their feet dirty for us.  I mean REALLY dirty.  I mean they did on their wedding day what a lot of couples hesitate to do on a trash the dress session!  Amazing what you can do just outside a parking lot in Kanata if you have a couple who truly values photography and are willing to take the plunge!

Thanks again Sophie and Allan!  We look forward to that BBQ come the wedding season slowing down!

Special thanks to St. Patrick's Church at Fallowfield and Fratelli's Restaurant in Kanata.  =)

Cheers, hugs and high-fives!

Matt and Ann
Green Tea Photography

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