The Art of Opportunity

Outside of adventures and experiencing life to its fullest, one of my favourite things to do as a person is to grow. I’m lucky to have a career which allows me to do this in so many ways.

During our workshops and mentoring sessions we try to teach our students the Art of Opportunity. We can take great photos absolutely anywhere, we just have to open our eyes and see the potential around us. This is one of the reasons we encourage our client-friends to choose locations that are special to them and not just what they think will look good in pictures.

Meet Elizabeth and Gordon. Two super-duper nice, fun and down to earth people. This is exactly what we’ve done. Starting out in their home and just chilling around their neighbourhood, then heading down to a special bike path and grabbing some pho - one of their favourite eats. I just wanted to thank them again for putting their trust in me.

About half of our work is in Ottawa and if we're always hitting up the same locations it makes it hard for us to deliver the unique and original pieces of art combined with story which is what we always strive for.

I’m lucky to have a profession that allows me to continuously grow and evolve within it. Every time I pick up the camera I see, understand and feel more clearly, all the while having fun and doing something I absolutely love. And with the continuation of my evolution, I feel this may just be my best engagement session yet. =)

So happy for this one, can’t wait for the next one.

Cheers hugs and high-fives,

Matt and Ann
Green Tea Photography

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