Road Warriors Take Their Vows!

Racing bikes, fireworks, smoke shows and grilled meat on a backyard BBQ.  This wedding in Rockland, Ontario was HOT!!!

Gabby and Aaron, I remember when we first met you.  Aaron really seems to be the kind of guy who knows what he wants and I'm so glad that you chose Ann and I to be your photographers.

Gabby you are truly a beautiful, warm, kind and genuine person down to the core.  Aaron, I get the feeling you're a lot like my Pops - tough on the outside but with a big heart on the inside.  We love you both and are super thankful to have shared in your day with you!

Now get off your bikes for a few minutes and check out your teasers!

Matt and Ann
Green Tea Photography

P.S. Your little dude's speech had us shooting through blurry, wet, watery eyes of both laughingness and cryingness!  AWESOMESAUCE!

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