Pretty in Persian

The moment I met Amir and Niloo I could not get over just how much Amir reminded me of my cousin Joey (from my Mum’s side).  Not so much in the way he looks, but soooooo much in his mannerisms, his voice, his speech and the way he carries himself.  Of course I made a big deal out of this!  Thing is… not too far into our meeting did it hit me like a ton of bricks how much Niloo reminds me of my cousin Angie-Lee (from my Pops’s side)!  Again, not so much on the physical level but more in the essence of her presence.  BHAGAH!  Should I say something?!  Will it look at this point like I do this with everyone?!  Unlike me, I decided to wait to their wedding day to tell them it felt like I was photographing my two cousins (from opposite sides of the family) getting hitched.  I guess you can say they feel like family in more ways than one.  =) 

And THIS was first experience at photographing a Persian wedding here in Ottawa (which was absolutely AWESOME BTW!!!)!

Cheers, hugs and high-fives!

Matt and Ann
Green Tea Photography

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