Double Rainbow Happiness at Red Pine Camp

Red Pine Camp Wedding

This is love my friends.

I remember quite vividly the first time I met Jackie and Chris.  I was in a shoebox of a hotel room in Manhattan getting ready to shoot my first wedding in New York City.  As soon as I got on the Skype call with them I could tell right away that their wedding would be off the hook.  These two know how to live, love and laugh and I instantly felt enamoured with them.

Fast forward 11 months later and their wedding at Red Pine Camp on Golden Lake has turned out to be one of the most memorable weddings I’ve had the privilege to photograph yet. 

Just off the top of my head here are a few things that flash across my mind when thinking back on their day:

Hulk Rip
Wishing Bone
Mosquitos Thirst For Groom’s Blood
Epic Ride to Ceremony
More Rain
Smouldering Campfire
Peanut Throwing
Groom Piggy Back Ride
Pinecone Fight
Homemade Bar
Epic Double Rainbow
Insane Sunset
Falling Through Structure
Racing an Olympian
Cutting of the Dress
Shearing of the Pants
Hurdle Fun
Full Moon
Lot’s and Lot’s and Lot’s of Happy People

Seriously, I wish I could hang out with all these fine folks again.  Such good people with such good hearts. 

Jackie and Chris, you guys know how to live this beautiful life.

Cheers, hugs and high-fives,

Green Tea Photography

P.S. Special thanks to my good friend Sekou Kaba for second shooting this wedding with me just a couple of weeks after competing in the Rio Olympics.  I’m proud of you brother, and that goes way beyond your hurdling skills. 

P.S.S.  Another special thanks goes out to Karolina Fernandes from Diamonds Wedding Planners for doing an incredible job.