Pre-Wedding Session Along the Ottawa River

I remember the first time I met Serena and Quang was at our good friends Luli and Tung's backyard BBQ.  OMGOODNESS they were such a cute couple!  And while they were just dating at the time I remember myself so clearly hoping for the chance to photograph them one day!

Low and behold, a few years later we received that e-mail we were always hoping for to do a pre-wedding session with our Vietnamese friends! 

Man they're sweet!  They brought us pork buns galore and ice cold water by the bottle!  Serena's super sweet Mum (who happens to look more like her sister) also followed us around for the entire shoot and was the best darned walking shoe rack you could ever imagine!

Serena and Quang?  We wish you guys the very best!  So happy that we could finally make this happen!


Matt (and Ann)
Green Tea Photography