Canmore Wedding in the Canadian Rockies

Banff Wedding

When you learn about Canada from a postcard or the Internet, you’re most likely seeing Canada represented by the majestic, snow-topped mountains in the Rockies.  I (Ann) have lived in Canada for 26 years, and I have never had the opportunity to visit the most famous scenery in Canada.  So when Amanda and Mike invited us tophotograph their wedding in breath-taking Banff, my imagination was running wild for months with everything we could create with that jaw-dropping background.  We flew to Calgary from Ottawa, and then drove to Canmore.  It was a cloudy day and we couldn’t see much, then suddenly, the mountains peaked out from underneath all that grey.  We couldn’t contain ourselves, and had to stop the car in the first place possible next to the highway, and started taking everything in, eyes and mouths wide open, smiles uncontainable.  How could you not be incredibly inspired every second while living here?  That was the recurring thought that dominated my mind.  Over the next couple of days, Amanda and Mike’s wedding event lived up to all of our highest expectations and then some.  Some of my favourite memories were: signing their registry to the tune “Kiss the Girl” from “The Little Mermaid”, topless groomsmen dancing YMCA around the bride at Silvertip, helicopter ride to the mountain top for a day after session, getting up close and personal to one of the cutest creature in the mountains, staying at the inspiring pair Erika and Lanny’s awesome pad, and blasting Steve Aoki’s heart-pumping mix while driving through endless mountain views.  Moments over mountains?  Nah, I say moments AND mountains!  See for yourself.

Ann (and Matt)
Green Tea Photography

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