Country View Manor Wedding

After having to reschedule their weddings several times over several years Genevieve and Lindsy are perfect examples that good things are worth waiting for.  I still remember meeting them at the Bridgehead Roastery straddling Little Italy and China Town in Ottawa.  It was our first time in the complex and we were so impressed with the architecture, vibe and rich earthy smells.  Our visit was only made better by meeting with these two with whom we connected straight away.  I could already feel the excitement within me ramping up to photograph their wedding.

Even though their wedding day at Country View Manor was cold and there might have been more than a few noses running, you could feel the love, warmth and joyful spirits surrounding them.  It's a beautiful thing to be warmed from the inside out.  Thank you Gen and Lindsy!  Our hearts are so happy for the two of you!  Congratulations again on this new chapter and wishing you both a lifetime full of laughter, happy tears and adventures together!  =)

Your friends,

Matt and Ann
Green Tea Photography

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