Sonja and Jonathen's Double Day Delight

What, what?!  Our final wedding of 2016 is now up on the blog?!  All of a sudden a certain Vanessa Williams song is bursting into my head!

Meet Sonja and Jonathen!  Another couple we have been insanely privileged to get to know, photograph, and become friends with!  These two, as well as their beautiful families, celebrated a gorgeous, two day wedding ceremony in Toronto.  Did you get a load of these fall colours at High-Park?!  :O

With a Hindu ceremony and reception at Le Jardin in Vaughan and their Catholic ceremony St. Anthony's Church we rode in style in my rental Kia Rio!  I honestly thought the wind would blow the car over several times during this trip!

One of my favourite memories was the golden shower myself and my equipment received by a guest who very enthusiastically unloaded a bottle of bubbly all over our superstar couple!  Scroll down for the capture that almost put my camera out of commission for the night.  Thank goodness for backups!!  

It really is an honour to do what we do!  I love living the life I live and it's people, friends and family like this who make my heart soar! 

Special thanks to our very good friend and super talented photographer James Correia for helping us second shoot the first day's events!  Ice Cream Truck Films and its incredible crew, you guys were a BLAST to work with!  Anna Karapetyan from AK Make-Up and Hair you are so, so, so good at what you do!  DJ Brownsoul, if there is anyone who knows how to tear down the roof and blow it back up again it is you my friend.  =)  Everyone who touched this day was pure gold!

Cheers, hugs and high-fives to all!

Matt (and Ann)
Green Tea Photography

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