What sets us apart from all the other wedding photographers out there?

First, we just want to point out that there are many different dynamics to photographers and that there are many great photographers out there.  Many of us will share similar strengths and traits, but it is much more rare that you will find the same combination of these strengths in one team.

You get the chance to have two world class photographers – Many photographers at similar price points will often hire a second shooter, and although many of these second shooters are very talented, in order to make profit, it is rare that the primary photographer can afford someone of the same caliber.  Both of us at Green Tea Photography (Ann and Matt) are world class, international award winning photographers who each on their own could be a top tier primary photographer.

You can have a husband and wife team – We truly understand how each other works are almost frighteningly able to anticipate what the other is planning to do.  This not only enables us to stay out of each other’s shots 99% of the time, but also allows us to make sure we capture the same story from unique angles, or different stories that may be going on at the same time with confidence.  Also, we’re quite competitive with each other (in a loving, friendly, in-your-face kind of way) so we’re always at the top of our game to show off our work to each other at the end of the night.  

We truly LOVE what we do – We sincerely love photographing weddings.  We love to capture the story of one of the most important days in a family’s life.  We love the rush we get.  We love the challenge of always pushing ourselves to take our passion one step further.  We love the incredible sense of reward we get when our clients see and share their pictures.  This is honestly one of the most rewarding jobs we can imagine.

We genuinely care – We are very sentimental people (especially Matt) and we sincerely realize and appreciate how important this day is for you.  We are beyond honoured to be the ones to photograph your wedding, and we take our work very seriously - albeit we do so in a very upbeat, friendly and high-fiveish kind of way.

We put everything we have into your wedding day – We finish every wedding absolutely mentally and physically exhausted – funny enough we usually don’t feel it until we pack everything up and finally sit down in our car (must be all that adrenalin flowing).  Spending the entire day “in the zone”, is akin to a mental and physical Ironman.   Not only are we constantly looking, listening and anticipating moments to be captured, but we are always looking for interesting, creative and beautiful ways to capture them.  We are going non-stop for 8, 10, 14 hours straight - and as mentioned above, we are loving it!

We edit each and every picture we give you – Every single picture we give, we process individually to bring out the very best we feel possible.  We’re not talking about one giant batch edit.  Each picture is individually optimized with love and care.  This is why a typical wedding will usually take us 50-60 hours for editing alone.  We capture your day, but each moment captured in a photograph is a direct representation of us and our work.  We are adamant about giving you the best we possibly can.

We are completely upfront and transparent with our pricing – No hidden fees or hidden incentives to try to up sell to you.  Also with our prices posted publicly you know you’re getting the same deal as all our other clients at the time of booking with us.

We know what we’re doing – We’ve been doing this long enough to feel very confident and in control of almost any situation imaginable (sometimes the more challenging the situation, the more it forces us to think outside the box and create some of our best work), at the same time we haven’t been doing this so long that this is just another day at work for us.  We are beyond pumped and super excited for every single wedding we photograph.  That being said, we love this so much that we find it hard to believe that our passion will ever die out. 

We understand not to be overly intrusive – We are trying to tell your story, not distract from it.  Matt is known to go shoeless in his sexy socks for indoor wedding ceremonies and Ann has been proclaimed “a super stealth ninja” by guests from almost every wedding we have ever photographed.  We may be laying on the floor and climbing trees to get that magical shot, but we try to do it in the least distracting fashion possible.

We are very proud of our work – We are both international award winning photographers who are very appreciative and proud of how far we’ve come in our pursuit and passion for photography.  We understand that tastes in photography are subjective and that every photographer has their own styles, therefore we wholeheartedly invite you to have a look at our portfolio, and see if our style is the right one for you.

We are good people – Meet with us and see for yourselves!

How would we describe our photography style?

While we strive to cover all aspects of wedding photography with the highest level of professionalism and quality, our two main focuses in wedding photography are:

Capturing raw emotion and real moments in a creative and photojournalistic way – Whether it be moments of sheer joy, the insane after party, heart wrenchingly intimate moments and everything in between - we are there to capture those moments as beautifully and powerfully as possible.

Creating romantic and intimate, high-art photographs that will leave you and your loved ones speechless – We have spent literally thousands of hours pursuing our passion for photography and improving our craft.  Through constantly training our eye, developing our techniques and pursuing our knowledge and understanding of creating art with light, we are always striving to push the boundaries of our photography. 

How would we describe our working style?

We are totally dedicated to giving our clients the best memories possible – both through their photographs that will last a lifetime, as well as their experience with us before, during, and after, one of the most important days of their lives.

We welcome you to have a look at our testimonials page here.

Whether you have the confidence of a fashionista, or feel shy and awkward in front of a camera, we are genuinely kind people who have a ton of tricks up their sleeves to make you feel at ease and bring out the very best in your photographs. 

What kind of client are we ideal for?

We are ideal for brides and grooms who really care about photography.  

Through our own experience we have genuinely realized how important it is to have good photographs of your wedding day.  We have been through our own wedding album more often than we had ever expected, and we have sincerely realized how much we would have forgotten had it not been for our photographs.  Through these pictures we relive the moments of one of the most powerful and important days of our lives.  We are ideal for brides and grooms who truly value photography and the quality of these memories being captured.  

We invite you to have a look at our portfolio to see whether our style is one you would like to relive your memories through.

Why do we not offer automatic full-day wedding coverage?

This is an aspect of our service that we have really put a tremendous amount of thought into.  No questions asked – we want to be there to capture the entire story of your day.  That being said though, with the amount of effort and processing we put into every wedding (about 5-6 hours of editing for every hour of photographing), we feel that it is not fair that we charge the same price for a 10 hour wedding (approximately 60 hours of work) as an 18 hour wedding  (approximately 110 hours of work).

The best way that we have decided we could mitigate this would be to offer additional hours of coverage at a very reasonable rate.  This way our brides and grooms can customize their coverage to suit their needs without too much added cost.  Additional hours can be requested for a rate of $200 per hour.

That being said, we are not clock watchers.  We always go through the planned itinerary with the bride and groom to decide on what would be the best coverage option.  We realize and appreciate that things will sometimes run late, and if you’re in the middle of your first dance, bouquet toss, cake cutting, speeches, etc. there is absolutely no way that we’re going to leave you high and dry.  We’ll typically photograph through these key moments and do so with a sincere smile.  If things are running excessively late we will kindly approach the bride and groom and confirm how they would like to proceed.

How much coverage do we recommend?

Ideally we recommend coverage for the entire day where there may be stories and memories to be captured and told.  At the very minimum, we recommend at least one hour at the tail end of the bride and groom getting ready, and at least one hour into the dance party really getting underway to have a full set of memories to tell the story of your day.  Remember, you will be looking back on these memories in 10, 20, 60 years from now!  Your wedding photos will be your time capsule to bring you back to this day. 

How many pictures will you receive?

On average we will take somewhere between 5000-8000 pictures during a wedding day, however these numbers can vary greatly depending on the amount of coverage requested and how intense the story of your day becomes!  We thoroughly go through every picture and only select the best of the best – typically 1 out of 10 - so your average wedding will yield approximately 500-800 individually unique, optimally processed pictures.  

How will you receive your pictures?

You will receive all carefully selected, high-resolution, print ready files on a custom USB.  Each photograph is individually processed with great care and love to bring out its maximum potential.  We do not watermark any of your images.  You will also receive a customized slideshow and private online gallery with all of your photos for one year for easy sharing with family and friends.

What about rights to the pictures?

As industry standard we retain rights to the pictures themselves but give you full printing rights.  We put a lot of effort, love and care into your photographs and would love nothing more than for you to share them with your family and friends!  Feel free to share them whether it be through albums, prints, your online gallery, e-mail, Facebook or your personal blog.  While not necessary, if you are posting online, we would wholehearted appreciate if you could give us a little shout out so that your peeps will know who to get ridiculously awesome photographs from.  ;-)  We would also appreciate if you could avoid cropping or altering the photos you post online (unless necessary) as they represent our work and we go to great lengths to bring out the very best in every photo. 

Do you take detail photos and traditional family portraits?

Absolutely!  We are very drawn to photos that display moments and emotion, which is why we display them so prominently on our website, but all your wedding details including but not limited to rings, bouquets, shoes, venue decor will all be taken care of.  We recognize the fact that family portraits can be among the most treasured photos for our couples and will advise you on the best time and location with reference to your itinerary, as well as being fully involved in making everyone feel comfortable and at ease during the portrait time.

Do we offer discounts for weekday, Sunday or off season weddings?

Unfortunately not.  Almost all of our clients become friends after a wedding day is done.  Out of love and respect for our clients we do not feel that it’s fair to charge some more than others.  The prices you see is what we offer to all of our clients at the time of booking.  

What kind of equipment do we use?

While a great photographer can take incredible pictures with just about anything, having the right tools and knowing how to use them only pushes the potential of great photos further.  We shoot exclusively with Nikon professional gear, including full-frame bodies, fast primes, professional zooms and a variety of lighting equipment both on and off camera.

Do we have back-up equipment?

Absolutely.  When you’re photographing such an important day and only have one shot at it, you have to make sure you have back-ups of everything.  Camera bodies, lenses, memory cards, batteries, flashes, lighting accessories, you name it – we have it covered.  Heck we even come with two prime time photographers!

What about destination weddings?

Yes!  Yes we do!  We love destination weddings and the opportunity to take photos of our lovely couples in totally new and unique settings!  Please know though that this is not a leisurely trip for us, as it entails even more planning, time and risks to our equipment than a local wedding.  As such we do ask for a significant portion of the package price plus the cost of our travel expenses to be covered.  We typically ask to arrive at least one day early to scout the location and mitigate the possibility of a delayed flight.  We also ask for at least one day to ourselves to explore your beautiful location of choice.  Destination weddings requiring airfare will usually include full day wedding coverage (up to 12 hours) plus a day after or trash the dress session for $2800 + travel expenses.

Awesome!  You're interested in meeting with us!  What are your next steps?

Give us a shout!  Fill out this form here, or send us an e-mail to click@greenteaphotography.com! 

Tell us a bit about yourselves, your wedding day and whether you have any pressing questions at all.  We'll send a copy of our standard wedding agreement for your review and arrange a time where we can meet with you either in person, or over Skype, to get to know one another better, answer any questions you may have, and see whether we're the right fit to capture one of the most important days of your life!  =)